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New Arrivial- 14 seats tourist car LQY146

Passenger Capacity:14 people
Maximum loading:1180 kg

Range:90 km
Maximum speed:28km/h

- New arrivial 

Electric power steering make you easy to drive


Langqing new 14 seats tourist bus is fit for different area. It can be used at scenic spot, park, airport, campus city etc.

L×W×H 5000x1480x1988mm

Motor 5kW(DC) / 7.5kW(AC)

Battery 6Vx12pcs

Passenger Capacity 14 seats

Kerb Weight 1310kg

Gross Weight 2490kg

Axle Distance 2800mm

F Tread 1280mm

R Tread 1270mm

Min. Clearance 150mm

Min Turning Radius 6.5m

Braking distance≤4.5m

Max. Speed 28km/h

Range 90km

Charging Time 8~10h

Climbing Ability(full loading) 15%(DC) / 25%(AC)

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