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New transfer way for students

Time:2014-04-23      Views:323

The world science will reduce energy consumption and pollution as the most important object of study since the beginning of advocating energy-saving emission reduction. After so many years of development, there is a very good result. The market has a petrol-electric hybrid vehicle and all rely on the power of electric sightseeing cars.

Which is the development of the electric sightseeing car is the best for the market. Though some of its power to slightly worse than oil burning car,  it is not only environmental protection, energy saving, but also very convenient, it's enough to make it popular.

The electric sightseeing car was the official launch market when it received a lot of attention. Many of the Companies would have placed where there are a lot of schools. As we know, the schools’ general areas are very large. From the east to the west generally need to take 30 minutes to walk in the schools. So it is very inconvenient.

Schools can introduce electric vehicles to serve as campus tour bus, so it can facilitate many students

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