The Operation and Maintenance of Charger

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1、Electric power should be 380V to charge more than 10 cars together
   If the user have more than 10 cars, then the electric power should be 380V and the total power supply should be more than that of all the chargers, so that the electricity power can be enough for all the chargers working at the same time and other uses.
The setting of the wiring is using 3-phase, 5-wiring system, and the wires are the 35 mm2 single copper wire. Please see the wire drawing as attached.
2、The charging wire should be working separately from the lighting wire and other wires.
3、The working voltage of the charger is 185V~260V,and stable voltage is needed.
4、Every Plug base should have one safety switch of 25A. The plug base should be 16A specially for the air conditioner. The distance between the general wire and the plug base should not exceed 10 miles.
5、Connect the wires according to the guidance in the plug base and screw the bolts.
6、The input cable of the single charger is the6mm2 single copper wire. If there are 2 or 3 units of chargers sharing one wire, then this wire should be10mm2 single cooper wire.
7、It is prohibited to extend or replace output cable。If necessary, the cable should be customized.
8、Charger should be placed in safe working environment with no dust, non-corrosive gas, no rain and temperature not higher than 40℃. It is better to install the charger on the bracket with the height to the ground to be more than 500mm. The distance between the front and rear space should be more than 300mm.
9、The charging place should be in the situation of good ventilation. Fire is prohibited. All the lighting equipment should have the ability of explosion-proof.
10、The correct operation sequence of the charger: Firstly, connect the cable of the charger to the plug base on the car, then connect the cable to the outer AC plug base(220V), and at last, turn on the charger.
            When charging is finished, turn off the charger firstly, then unplug the charger cable from the car, and at the last, unplug the cable from the outer AC plug base.