The Operation and Maintenance of the break

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1. After electric sightseeing car being used some time, please check the brake shoes thickness and surface wearing extent. If its thickness is less than 2-3mm and surface is so smooth, it needs to replace the new brake shoes in this situation.


2. In process of routine cleaning for the electric sightseeing car, please try to avoid washing the brake hub, in case brake hub interior and brake shoes being oxidized cause rust. If it is found the surface is rusty, it can use abrasivepaper to wear off.


3. In process of electric sightseeing car running, if braking distance is long when trampling brake pedal(Generally the braking distance of brake pedal is 25 to 30cm), in this time please check if the connect of brake cable nut and brake rod is loose. Solution:Use 13,14 spanner to tighten and shorten distance of brake cable nut and brake rod. Downward adjust brake hook nut by manual and shorten the connect distance of brake hook and brake pedal. It can shorten the brake pedal braking distance.

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