What is The Electric Cars?

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Electric Cars is a road-going automobile powered by electricity.
There are there main parts in it as follows.

                           Motor                                             Controller                                               Battery
?Simply saying, the heart of an electric car is its battery. It is the storage of power which runs everything in electric car. The Controller is the brain, which takes energy from the battery and distributes it to the motor in controlled packets. The Motor is like feet and hands, which drive the cars by rotating. 

A car can be a wonderful thing. It can take you where you want, when you want -- even when those places aren't served by public transportation.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as cars are, they also have some serious drawbacks. Two of these drawbacks are that they often cost a lot of money to maintain and they pollute the atmosphere with noxious gases.
Nowadays, the Electric Car is more and more popular, due to its two main strength: Non-pollution, Low driving cost.
Based on the research, on electric rates in the USA of around 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, an electric moped costs on the order of 1 cent per mile to recharge.  An electric motorcycle costs 1-2 cents per mile, and an electric car costs 2-3 cents per mile. In comparison, if gasoline costs $4 per gallon, a 50 mpg car costs 8 cents per mile to refuel.  A 31 mpg car costs 13 cents per mile.