2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

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2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, also known as 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China from November 12 to 27, 2010. Guangzhou is the second Chinese city to obtain the right o host the Asian Games. In 1990 Beijing had held the 11th Asian Games. Guangzhou Asian Games was 42 events, which was the largest event of the session in the history of the Asian Games. Guangzhou Asian Games was held the 10th Asian Games with disabilities after the Guangzhou Asian Games. The Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremony was held on Haixinsha Island, and this was the first time of the Asian Games’ opening and closing ceremony to be held out of the gym. To well organize and guarantee the traffic and site security during the games, the organizer totally purchased more than 120 units of electric shuttle buses, electric freight cars and other specially designed electric cars from Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd.