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Fire patrol car LQH050

Passenger Capacity:2 people                 
Water tank capacity:600L

Range:70 km                                 
Maximum speed:28km/h

Professional design Fire patrol car with water tank, fit for different areas.


Langqing electric high water pressure garden car which fit for different area. 

- L×W×H 3500×1440×1850mm

- Motor 4kW(DC) 

- Battery 6Vx8pcs

- Passenger Capacity 2 seats

- Kerb Weight 1350kg

- Water tank capacity 600L

- Axle Distance 1820mm

- F Tread 1280mm

- R Tread 1270mm

- Min. Clearance 150mm

- Min Turning Radius 4.5m

- Braking distance≤4.5m

- Max. Speed 28km/h

- Range 70km

- Charging Time 8~10h

- Climbing Ability(full loading) 15%

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