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Langqing Cars in the 119th Canton F...2016-04-28
Langqing Cars in the 119th Canton Fair
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Langqing cars in the National Games...2014-04-23
10,13,2009, various regions reporter enter media village to participate in the 11th National Games for coverage, it is the first time to set up Media village in our Na...
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New transfer way for students2014-04-23
The world science will reduce energy consumption and pollution as the most important object of study since the beginning of advocating energy-saving emission reduction. After so many years of de...
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The supplier for Asian Beach Games2013-11-15
17, Apr, 2012, the 3rd Asian Beach Games and Guangzhou Langqing made the former agreement to be the supplier of the Asian Beach Game. Guangzhou Langqing is the only one who ...
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The Operation and Maintenance of Ba...2014-04-23
The Storage batteries are made up of a number of single batteries, and designed just for supplying energy for electric cars. Whether batteries are used and maintained properly or not will have a ...
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The History of Electric Cars2014-04-23
The Electric Car industry was begun Shortly after Joseph Henry's invention of the first electric direct current (DC) motor in 1830. However, the Electric Car have not well developmen...
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Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd. Head office Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, located in Nansha District famous as “Pudong” of Guangzhou. Specializing in the resea...




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